Susan Boyle’s debut album hits top spot  

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“I Dreamed a Dream” has always been a favorite since I first saw a television special of its play. It sang of hope during a war in France in the classic story Les Miserables and, at present, is the title of Susan Boyle’s debut single.
Yup the cat lady is back. After her runner-up scene in Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle hits the airwave with her debut album. It can be very well remembered that I dreamed a dream was the song Susan sang for the competition—the first, matter of fact, that left the place in shock. She had received critic after critic being told that she was too old and was not attractive. She was weird in a way especially with her answers that she had lived her cats and she had never been kissed before.
When she sang the Les Miserables I dreamed a dream it can find a person left in awe so great with her voice being so fitting with the song itself—theatrical and dramatic. Only a few has been able to give such gusto to performance with only the song and the voice at hand—some don’t even bring out the emotions needed even with voices so great. The only person I really admired to have sung Les Miserables songs is Lea Salonga, a Filipina who received global recognition with her part as Kim in Miss Saigon.
Public records search in the album’s first release shows Susan’s album scoring high, and I do mean high, as it ranked first in the in the Billboards Hit Charts. It even defeated another reality show star, American Idol’s Adam Lambert, whose record (and also a debut album) entitled For your entertainment, scored doubled compared to the Idol winner, Kris Allen’s self debut single.
For the said American Idol graduates, I must admit that I do sure was hoping to find Falling Slowly, the theme from the indie film Once, in the track. It surely did mark him on my list of Idols during the competition that until now him singing the song really rolls in my head. For Adam Lambert, the album is a daring feat for the glam rock—plus his high vocals as it already showed it’s prowess with 2012’s Time for Miracles.

Background check on the reality show stars: they really hit it big with their debut albums. Adam Lambert’s however was beaten up by the Brit’s Susan. But whichever the case, theirs is a glory that finally came and Susan, at present, (after the news of her breakdowns and everything silly) is the winner.

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife—coming soon  

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You’re definitely missing out half of your life if you haven’t seen this film. If you’re the type of person who’s into horror flicks plus the action—plus the chick in action—then Resident Evil is the movie for you. Next year we’ll get to see the 4th installment of this very thrilling and pow wow pack movie which stars Mila Jovovich as the zombie killer Alice in resident Evil 4: Afterlife.
In this fourth movie, Alice still continues to roam around as she search for people not yet infected by the T-virus. She did find a group in Los Angeles who had been in hiding since the T-virus outbreak. She helps them break out other survivors who were in a jail; among the group of imprisoned survivors is Claire’s brother, Chris Redfield.

The film was said to have started filming last September 29, 2009. Records search reveals the first Location was in Toronto Canada which was said to place itself as Alaska, the place where Alice told Claire (from the convoy) as a safe haven from the undead. The movie is said to have settings in Alaska and Japan (which everybody is waiting for). In the third Installment, Resident Evil: Extinction, we saw a background check company where the leader to the Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesler in an underground hideout in Hong Kong while Claire and the rest of the survivors got in an Umbrella Helicopter to fly to Alaska where Alice believe to be a safe ground for them.

The movie was written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. It also stars Boris Kodjoe, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Spencer Locke, Kim Coates, and Shawn Roberts. Background check on the cast reveals Miller will be staring as Chris Redfield, one of the well known characters in the RE game series while Larter will reprise her role as Claire Redfield (Chris’ sister and head of the convoy of survivors). This is sure to be more power packed than the last series plus Alice’s clones will join (more kicks for the zombie butts!). This will definitely set theaters in rocking moment this August 27, 2010.

Last Week’s Must See Movie—Still a Must See This Week: The Princess and The Frog  

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Find a person who does not know this story. This is that story we all love with a twist. Honestly the first time I saw the trailer made me laugh and go down back memory lane. From Walt Disney comes a new rendition to the tale of a princess and a frog; in this one however the princess is a waitress named Tiana who kissed a desperate frog prince who just wants to be human again. The kiss gave the result anyone who had read or heard the original never expected—Tiana was turned into a frog instead.

It was set in time of the jazzy 1920s New Orleans, Louisiana; by the mystical bayous where the Tiana and the frog prince met. Background check on the characters reveals that Tiana was actually a waitress while Prince Naveen was an arrogant and carefree prince who was transformed into a frog by a voodoo magician. When Tiana kissed him (in his frog form both believing that it will break the spell) she was turned into a frog thus starting their journey to be turned back to humans.

Records search shows that this is Disney’s comeback to the hand drawn films we all love. The makers of Disney’s the Little Mermaid and Aladdin—the team has returned to make this a possibility. It’s a jazzy remake that receives good reviews and continues to raise itself in the movie charts. And why wouldn’t it be a big success? With award winning crew and a cast that rocks nothing can go wrong. And speaking of cast they have Anika Noni Rose, the third person of the Dreamgirls; plus there’s Oprah for her mother although she is named Eudora.

It’s a feel good film that gives us a rest from the digitalized versions we’ve been seeing lately. It’s definitely something worth seeing.

A Beatles-mania: Here, There and Everywhere….  

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To live a better life…I need my love to be here…

It’s another night for me as I sit at home and hope that something good will come to me tomorrow—or at the least for me to do something good. But just like all nights, I got my sounds on as I try to get into the groove of filling dear readers of a great review in music. Unfortunately, my attention was grabbed not with the latest but definitely one of the finest.

It first played on my player (my brother must’ve gotten to my laptop again). It was a part of the oldies but the goodies theme; a feel good song that can find a person in “relaxation mode”: It’s the Beatles classic. For the latest music recommend--Here, There, and Everywhere.

Here, there, and Everywhere was composed by Paul McCartney for their 1966 album, Revolver. Records search shows the song was said to be one of McCartney’s favorite song which was noted well in his biography Many Years From Now. Beatles’ producer George Martin also said that the song was actually one of his favorites. The song was also noted to be one of John Lenon’s favorite Beatles’ tune (and the best in that particular album) which he also stated in his 1980 Playboy interview. During 2000, Mojo, a UK based music magazine published by Bauer, had Here, There and Everywhere in its rank 4 of greatest song of all time.

Background check on the song’s sales and record plays shows that there is no doubt that it was really a hit. It’s one of the most moving tunes being presented in such simplicity from the melody to its lush texture of the voices to the arrangement. The lyrics were in a perfect fitting that it did justice plus the feel good move to it.

As I sit and do justice to my work, there is without a doubt that this song is indeed one of the finest though not the latest—thanks to the Beatles.

James Cameron’s AVATAR: Showing December 18  

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It’s James Cameron’s Avatar this coming December 18 and for those chosen few that had viewed this film, which was estimated to have been budgeted around $300 to $500 Million, was shown. So what does critics say about the most awaited Scifi film of the year (plus the fact that it’s Cameron’s film after Titanic)? It’s time for the “say” of those who had had the privilege of seeing the movie that kept people buzzing (next to New Moon that is).
Titanic was a film from James Cameron that everybody thought would b e a flop. However, public records search shows that it earned Billions worldwide and made blockbuster history. It was one of the best films I personally had ever seen and surely many could agree to this. Now, after twelve years of not directing (except for documentaries and concentrating on developing the 3-D fusion camera system which he used in this new film) he does movies again for a major production in AVATAR.
The story revolves around Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a US marine who is paralyzed from waist down. He was recruited for the avatar project in the planet of Pandora; mission to do a background check on the planet’s natives called the Na’vi. This was for the humans to have a diplomatic solution to moving the said natives to another location since the place where they are presently based is where important minerals are kept. But with the native’s place being sacred, they refused to such request thus a war broke leaving Sully in a dilemma.
With regards to the visuals, the planet’s atmosphere even the futuristic outlook seemed so realistic bravo to the computer generated technology used. The actors were chosen very well that even their voices fit well with the feel it needs to invoke. However the lowest quality, as said by the critique, is the story itself which didn’t quite meet the expectation like that of Titanic and Terminator 2 (also a film by James Cameron), that did find a person more awestruck especially with the flood of emotions in a particular scene (they made people cry). It is good news however that this film is still highly recommended must-see for the whole family coming this December 18.

Oprah Retiring and Starting a New Chapter  

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I learned about Oprah’s retirement as my cousins and I were sitting in a restaurant. It’s been a while honestly since I watched Oprah’s show and I was really having my time eaten a lot by activities both at work and with family and friends. Getting into her shows was a great deal of help especially with the start of regular advisers: from home interiors to family dealings (I just love Dr. Oz) to healthy living. So I nearly choked on a helping of sweet and sour fish when I heard about her retirement.

Oprah Winfrey Show had been in the air for years now—and Oprah is an institution already. People adore her, are inspire by her, and go loco over her and her episodes (especially her favorite things where everybody in the audience gets a share of her favorites). She had tackled almost every topic from disasters, to poverty, to films, to health and everything which is summed up in one word—LIFE. The announcement of her retirement is indeed staggering since she had been part of our lives since it started. But what is the reason behind this action?

Come 2011 marks a new beginning for Oprah actually. She will be having her own cable network!!!! However her show—The Oprah Winfrey Show—will not be included in it. She doesn’t want to change the format on how the show was known (which is completely understandable since it has become another identity). In addition, continuing it (the show) is also not yet sure. Records search reveals that the show will end the same year the network will start: September 2011. People at HARPO have not yet given a statement as to whether the contract will be renewed or not.

It seems that Oprah’s announcement for retirement even followed a certain trend. Public records search shows that people in the entertainment business are presently leaving while still in their fame. Late night talk show host Jay Leno, who has hosted the Late Night for 11 years, and had made it as a mainstay on top of ratings, left it while still on its boom. This goes the same for other artists who seem to still be at the top of the charts yet decided to retire.

For Oprah, her show is still at its peak—and booming more after 25 seasons—when her announcement came in. It’s indeed heartbreak but like all things, this one, also, must end.

Before I end this article, here’s a scoop on the brighter side of things; next year they’ll be bringing back Oprah’s Favorite Things!!!! This is definitely a special treat for the fans that have been part of the show till its last take. Background check on OFT: this is the episode where Oprah gives audiences things which she also loves.

Oprah’s new network OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is a new chapter for this wonderful and inspiring woman we all loved. This is definitely another milestone not just in Oprah Winfrey’s life but also for those who became part of her career: her family, friends and her fans…

Halo: VGA to Show its Worldwide Premier  

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Halo: Reach will be the last of the Halo games developed by Bungie. It was first announced last June 8, 2009 at the Microsoft E3 2009 press conference. Almost every gamer nowadays are on the lookout for ODST.
During the said conference a free trial of the beta version was offered to those interested to take the experience of HALO. According to public records search, the real Halo: Reach will be out on market, however, next year.

Ever since the teaser trailer there have been many who are awaiting its release. The world premier trailer will be out this coming Video Game Awards 2009 which is under Spike TV.  It will be aired with another upcoming game this 2010, UFC 2010 Undisputed.
In an interview with Game Trailer host Geoff Keighley, he said that to get into the game VGA even went far beyond Planet Reach to check out the game for the first time. This is even commented to be one of the biggest games that will definitely find a person in awe next year; bigger than Warcraft 3, Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and many more.

The game is said to be non live-action. And anyone who has taken a background check of the Reach world is talking about it—more enthusiastic about its coming. This is one game which Microsoft or Sony will have to face: thinking extra hard how to meet the game’s top notch excellence (competition…competition).
VGA 2009 has their nominations open for voting—all 28 categories waiting to be voted upon. The show will be aired without delay at 8 pm live from Los Angeles.