To All Sentai Fans  

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Bioman was the first sentai program I liked. it was awesome especially with "Yellow 4" who was pretty cute with her bow and arrow. back then the programming was back to back with Shaider. Background check on these shows brings more than just a closer look at how sentai shows evolved and how Americans adopted it. this is a memory of a childhood we have all grown to love.

Employment verification on these teams shows how some are still from high school and how some are martial arts specialists. They all came from different generations with different origin to their powers. I think address people search can't even search for the other Ranger's hometown since some of them even came from different times.

For those who wish to see most of the ranger together check out the sentai special of Turboranger. But for those who wish to gain more background check information check out the sentai special of Timeranger.

Watch out for more reminiscing of our favorite sentai episode and their reviews as we take a look at it 21st century style. This is your need-to-look-back-on-sentai—no need for background services—leaving you with a list of all sentai throughout the years.

1975 Go Ranger
1978 JAKQ Blitzkrieg Squad
1979 Battle Fever J (the first to use a giant robot)
1980 Denjiman (their robot was the first to transform itself)
1981 Sun Vulcan (they were the first to have a robot that could combine)
1982 Goggle V
1983 Dynaman 
1984 Bioman
1985 changeman
1986 Supernova Flashman (the first to have two robots)
1987 Maskman
1988 Liveman (they were the first to combine two robots)
1989 turboranger
1990 Fiveman
1991 Jetman (they had the first robot that could change into a weapon)
1992 Zyuranger (they were the first to have six members. this was also the sentai where the American Power Rangers was based on)
1993 Dairanger
1994 Kakuranger
1995 Ohranger (this was the sentai that the 4th season of Power Rangers was based on)
1996 Caranger
1997 Megaranger
1998 Gingaman
1999 GoGoV
2000 Timeranger
2001 Gaoranger