The last Airbender Updates: Trailer Release Date is on Feb 17  

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We’ve seen the teaser even the news on who’s going to be who in the movie remake of that cool animated adventure of Aang, Sokka, and Kitara—The Last Airbender. For all the fans of the said show, this is a great treat to start the summer fun.
To be released this summer of 2010, the Last Airbender is one animated film that people will definitely look forward to. There have been speculations before on who will act as Aang, and whether it is Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire, who will be taking the role of Zuko, the prince of the fire nation. At present records search shows everything has been confirmed and updates for fans are being available right now on You Tube. One in particular showed certain scenes, featuring Nicola Peltz, the actress who will be playing Kitara, on her previous movie entitled Harold.
In some of the background check clips of a fan made You Tube Update for the Last Airbender, they showed the costumes which were worn by the characters in the movie, plus the stuff which belonged to each character. Take for instance Sokka’s boomerang, Aang’s staff and—a confirmation that the episode was included in the movie—the weapon of the Blue Spirit (who is actually Zuko).
Public records search reveals that come this February 17, the trailer for the movie will be released worldwide. It was said that the trailer will feature all major characters. Included in the cast to play these loved characters are Jackson Rathbone (whom we all know played the vampire Jasper Cullen in Twilight) as Sukko and Noah Ringer as Aang.
This Nicolodeon original will leave your imagination running high as we delve into the world of elemental Nations, floating mountains, mammoth flying Bison, and an Airbender who will make a difference.

Music Recommend: Blue Eyes Blue  

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It was composed by Grammy award winning songwriter Dianne Warren. Background check gives this song credit though is not the 1999 Runaway Bride’s theme song but it might as well be it. Sang by Eric Clapton, one for the music recommend’s list: Blue eyes blue.
Acoustics always does the thing when it comes to setting a romantic feel. Any person who hears a song with guitar strings being strum will definitely feel at ease; Blue Eyes Blue definitely did that trick, however I can’t help but notice a certain irony in the song and the lyrics.
Blue Eyes Blue gives us a picture of a broken hearted person as he was left alone by the person he loves, just when he thought she was the one for him. There was also a point in the song where he thought he was all she ever need but she instead broke his heart. However the liveliness of the song plus the “frustrating” feel of the lyrics would be something off yet the totality was absolutely surprising giving a love song which, instead of breaking one’s heart, actually makes a person falling for more.
Public records search shows another album, besides the original soundtrack of Runaway Bride, contains the said single. Released by Diane Warren herself in 2004 to 2006 (in various countries), Diane Warren Presents Love Songs is a compilation album of all love songs she made. The track listing, however, per country differs, and as for Blue Eyes Blue sung by Eric Clapton, it was included in the Taiwanese Edition, Japanese Edition, and Philippine Edition.   
The first time I heard this song was during a car ride with my uncle. We were on our way to his place. I scavenged his bag of CDs till he himself told me which one to get. This was actually the first song in the CD. At first I thought it was a love song that doesn’t have anything to do with being heartbroken—or maybe I was listening too much to the melody. I was surprised to find out that it was the opposite. Clapton’s singing was so smooth that even anyone who’s heard it may think the other was as well. Ok, so I was too much engrossed with the song. But I have to admit, it still gets me perky especially with the “falling in love” thing rather than “I’m bleeding inside”.
For those who love something soft and smooth music—blues-rock—type of music then this song is a definite recommend, especially for all those broken hearted pips who wish to fall in love again. I’m pretty sure the irony in this song is something that you could both relate and contemplate with.

Avatar At #1  

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It’s a HIT! AVATAR becomes the HIGHEST grossing movie of all time.
It was only recently that news came pouring in (with everyday bringing news on Avatar) as James Cameron’s epic film about a planet inhabited by blue alien is on the race to be the number one box office hit in history. Occupying the number one spot back then is Titanic which was also created by James Cameron.  After less than six weeks since it was first shown, the Avatar won over Titanic as it exceeds in the number of gross profit.
Records search reveals Titanic, which was shown from 1997 to 1998, got the total of $1.843 billion. Last Tuesday, the worldwide box office total of Avatar at $1.859 billion, took the spot which was once hold by Titanic.

Background check for the duration of its showing, Avatar took hold of audiences in most countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Britain, and Australia. Ticket sales got more boosted from premium prices for 3-D screenings. Fox said 72 percent of worldwide sales come from 3-D shows.

Avatar, which public records search reveals, that Avatar’s almost five years in the making, was one of the most expensive films with a budget of at least $300 million mostly for the special effects and the creation of the language used by the Na’vi race.
Just recently, Avatar won the Golden Globe best movie drama. By February this year, Avatar is said to be on its way to the Oscars as a leading contender. At this point, question now arises whether there would finally be a Sci-fi for an Oscar winner. With the Golden Globe and the Number one box office hit, people are now hoping for the best.

James Cameron did it again! Avatar history’s highest-grossing film  

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LOS ANGELES — James Cameron’s science-fiction epic “Avatar” has passed his “Titanic” to become history’s highest-grossing film, with a sizable boost from higher-priced tickets for 3-D and Imax showings.

“Avatar,” like other contemporary films, has also benefited from the steady inflation of ticket prices —today’s average is $7.46, up from $4.69 in 1998 when “Titanic” was in theaters — meaning that “Titanic” had to sell many more tickets to reach box-office totals like “Avatar’s.” But “Avatar” remains poised to keep going for weeks if not months.

Through Monday its ticket sales around the world reached $1.86 billion, edging past the $1.84 billion in sales posted by “Titanic,” which came out in December 1997, according to figures released Tuesday by 20th Century Fox.

Fox released “Avatar” around the world; it split the distribution of “Titanic” with Paramount Pictures.

Through Monday “Avatar” took in about $554.9 million in domestic theaters, placing it just behind “Titanic,” with sales of $600.8 million, in the domestic box-office rankings, and just ahead of “The Dark Knight,” a Warner Brothers film from 2008, which took in $533.3 million.

The performance of “Avatar” is particularly striking because the film — a leading contender in this year’s Oscar race — reached its summit so quickly.
“In just 39 days it has eclipsed the worldwide record,” said Paul Dergarabedian, the president of’s box-office division. “That’s extraordinarily impressive.”

Mr. Dergarabedian said he thought “Avatar” would pass the domestic box-office mark set by “Titanic” by the middle of next week, and that it is almost certain to pass $2 billion in worldwide sales before the end of its run.

Privately, some involved with the film are guessing that final ticket sales will go as high as $2.5 billion, though Fox has made no public projection. New Line Cinema’s “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” No. 3 in the all-time worldwide rankings, had $1.1 billion in ticket sales, according to

Fox said 72 percent of worldwide sales for “Avatar” came from 3-D screens. If Mr. Dergarabedian’s estimates are correct, the movie has accounted for roughly 56 million admissions in domestic theaters to date.
That is about the same number of tickets that “Titanic” had sold at this point in its theatrical run, he said.

But “Titanic” played and played, remaining in theaters until September 1998 and racking up about 128 million admissions. “Avatar” still needs a very long tail to surpass the number of viewers who saw “Titanic.”

To calculate the number of “Avatar” viewers around the world is impossible without taking into account exchange rates and a patchwork of ticket prices and viewing habits in dozens of countries in which the film has been showing.

Large-format Imax theaters have accounted for about $137.1 million of “Avatar” ticket sales around the world, said Greg Foster, president and chairman of Imax Filmed Entertainment. “There’s been only the most minimal drop-off,” he said. Imax theaters are scheduled to continue showing “Avatar” until “Alice in Wonderland,” another 3-D film, from Walt Disney, opens on March 5.

The world record is sweet vindication, both for Mr. Cameron and for Fox. Skeptics had questioned whether Mr. Cameron could deliver on his promise of a revolutionary visual experience, and whether Fox and its financial partners would profit from a film that cost nearly a half-billion dollars to make and release.

While those questions are now settled — the film will make a profit and the critics have been kind — the Academy Awards, scheduled for March 7, remain a hurdle. On Sunday the Producers Guild of America gave its highest movie award, sometimes a harbinger of success at the Oscars, to “The Hurt Locker.” A small, independent drama about the Iraq war, it was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who is Mr. Cameron’s ex-wife.

On Tuesday Tom Rothman, a chairman of the Fox film operation, said the global success of “Avatar” carried a lesson beyond economics. “It tells you all of us on the planet have more things in common than we have dividing us,” Mr. Rothman said.

A great romantic drama: If Only  

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Perhaps one of the best romantic drama movies the world has seen. It stars Paul Nicholls and Jennifer Love Hewitt. If Only is the love story that anyone (I know) who’d seen it cried.
If Only tells the story of a young British business man named Ian Wyndham who lives in London with his American musician girlfriend, Samantha Andrews.  Ian has been taking Sam for granted making her feel the role of someone who loves more. In a single day however, these frustrations comes boiling on Samantha where the end results to her leaving Ian in the Sidewalk, as she rides the Taxi. It was at the moment, as the cab started to drive, when another vehicle hit resulting to Sam’s death; Ian, who had witness the whole incident, went home crying as he went to bed. The next morning he woke up to find him with yesterday starting over again—Sam is alive and he is given a second chance to show her how much he loves her.
The movie was referred to me by my cousin during one of those summers I usually stay at their place. Immediately I watched, I felt, and I cried. There were only a few moments when I stopped but the tears immediately gush for every moment Ian would let Sam feel he loves her—even when they were both laughing. Come to think of it, I really look totally silly with the tears and the tissue and the scenes where they were “happy”. 

Public records search refers If Only as one of those few “movie must see”. Why few? The movie premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival in January 2004. It went to play around the world during late 2004 to 2005. The US was not picked for its distribution: it was only on January 15, 2006 when the American people were given a chance to view it as it premiered on the American ABC Family Television Network.  In the UK, the movie’s television premier happened on July 28, 2009 on Hallmark.
Records search notes one of the best scenes in the movie was when Ian took Sam’s composition to the orchestra where she was playing. Ian surprised Sam as she was called from the orchestra to sing—the rest of the musicians played. Background check on the song My Love will Show you Everything reveals that it is actually one of the songs co-composed by Jennifer Love Hewitt for the soundtrack of the said film. The last song which she sang in the movie, Take my heart back, is yet another song she had given a lending hand.
It was made simple yet well. There are only a few movies produces this way and this one really is one of my favorite romantic drama movies ever.

Golden Globes gaining 14 percent Increase in Viewers  

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It was one heck of a show. The rain couldn’t stop the parade of stars as they walk the red carpet for the annual 67th Golden Globe Awards. There was fashion and glitter and winners that have definitely gotten much applause from those both present at the ceremony’s venue and safe-from-the-rain-at-home viewers.

It is definitely undeniable how much attention the awards show has attracted. Golden Globe’s viewers increased 14 percent compared to last year’s numbers. This is definitely a great sign that they are really recovering from the effects brought by the 2008 Writers Guild strike as can be seen in their background check company.

Writers Guild strike was a conflict that affected television shows in the United States from 2007 to 2008 season. As a result the Golden Globes was reduced to news conference instead of a ceremony seen only by six million viewers. The following year, the awards show’s telecast got lower number of viewer which range only to 15 million compared to that of 2007 Golden Globes which gained 20 million viewers.
Critics say the increase in viewers is due to the featured films at this year’s awards. Background check on Last year’s show focused on drama like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while the 67th Golden Globes features different varieties, from comedy to sci-fi drama. One film in particular, that caught massive attention and interest, was James Cameron’s The Avatar, which won this year’s Best Motion Picture in the Drama Category.

It seems that all films that entered the nomination that night deserve to win. This is something that will definitely find a person thrilled, especially if they are fans of Sandra Bullock. She got nominated for Best Actress twice that night although for two different films and two different categories (Comedy and Drama)—she won the title for the movie Blind Side which falls under the Drama category and lost the other for the movie The Proposal as Meryl Streep wins it for Julie and Julia.

Besides the biggest win of Best Movie, the Avatar also gives its creator a big applause as James Cameron won Best Director. The winning of the said movie, plus the gross it is presently earning as shown in its records search, clearly solidifies the expectations that The Avatar will definitely be one of the nominees for the upcoming Oscars this February 2.

The Golden Globe has definitely gone to a recovery from the said 2008 strike event. This time the excitement on who gets to bring home the bacon will continue this February 2 at the Oscars. For a background check on the result of Golden Globe Awards visit Movie junkees will definitely enjoy another round of another award night treat.

Avatar: top 2 as Worldwide Blockbuster Hit  

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They filmed, they showed and they are still conquering theaters everywhere. It was only weeks ago when news hit how Twilight Saga: New Moon skyrocketed to third place in the worldwide box office hit of all time. It seems last year’s films have hit high notes among audience who can’t seem to get enough of them. Among the movies that both marked a good end to the industry last year and started another historic feat at the same time is Avatar as it takes second place in the worldwide box office hit of all time.
Background check shows that the position once belonged to the third installment of J.R.R. Tolkien’s hit trilogy novel turned movie, Lord of the Ring: Return of the King. The said installment was overtaken by James Cameron’s Sci-fi movie The Avatar after three weeks since its global release in theaters. It was an astounding run for the film that features aliens formed through CGI technology as they earned a total of $1.13 billion dollars.

The success of the Avatar is definitely undeniable public records search on the AICN (Ain’t it cool news) reports that Cameron has officially confirmed about the working on the movie’s sequel. With the previous experiences in using CGI design for the world and characters, it was definitely easier this time to do the follow up of this successful film—or will it? Cameron himself admits it will definitely be hard to go for next Avatar because of its surprising breakthrough in such a short time. 20th Century Fox
James Cameron’s Titanic presently holds the largest top grossing box office hit of all time. When it was shown it gave such a surprise after it was claimed by some that it would definitely flop. However since its premier in the theaters, Titanic has magnetized fans that they seem to keep coming back for more. At the end of its play records search shows the movie to have earned $1.84 billion worldwide.
After twelve years since Titanic became a hit, Avatar was reported to be only $700 plus million behind to make it to number one.  Furthermore there are speculations that at the rate the Avatar is going, it’s not impossible for it to hit number one. With two huge successes currently back to back—and competing—what more can these two films’ creator could ask for?
James Cameron seems to can’t get enough as he also eyes the project which recalls the fate of those who survived and prey victims to atomic bombs during the war in Japan: The Last Train from Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back. The said film was actually based on a book with the same title.
Background check company reveals James Cameron’s plan as he options to fund the said movie himself, especially by his own production company, Lightstorm Entertainment. This was confirmed by Variety magazine. Only recently, Cameron and the book’s author, Charles Pellegrino, visited Tsutomu Yamaguchi, a survivor of both atomic blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yamaguchi was interviewed by both Cameron and Pellegrino to discuss the experience of a nuclear explosion.

Eyeing for one great film can’t seem to be enough especially if it’s from James Cameron. With the success of Titanic, followed by Avatar which now vies for a sequel, plus the book turned film, there is more to watch out for and to get fans excited.

Still Enchanted: Jon Mclaughlin’s So Close  

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If you’re the typical fairy tale lover that has seen Disney’s Enchanted then you’re surely one for the love struck listeners of Jon Mclaughlin’s So Close. It was the song sung during the ball where Giselle danced with Robert (who happens to be Dr. McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy). Since the song was first heard in the said movie, plus the dance and all, the impact of the song remains supremely romantic—not a care in the world whether it’s been two years since it was first heard.

It was nominated at the 80th Academy Awards for Best Original Song. It was also nominated with two more songs from the film namely Happy Working Song and That’s How You Know. Unfortunately the song lost to Falling Slowly (from the OST of the indie film Once). However the magical effect it has, that can search for people whom they've love.

I’ve done records search through, a social network which focuses on friends sharing songs and playlists. There were thirty-second listening pleasures with Jon McLaughlin himself singing the it—the complete tracks available there were not the original singer’s voice, as it seems users of the network prefers to sing it themselves and have it posted in Imeem (I was lucky enough to get one with a great voice).

The song was composed by one of Disney’s favorite award winning composer Alan Menken; lyrics written by Stephen Schwartz. According to public records search this song it was first released on November 20, 2007 as part of the Enchanted soundtrack. It’s a contemporary ballad which stands in contrast to the rest of the songs in the film, however it is a total genuine in tone as it surely describes the feelings of the main characters, while realizing that they are in love.

I have seen comments on who continues to praise the song until now. Background check on this song will definitely show how persons are given that magical feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. And I have to agree with one of the comments: It’s a good wedding song….